Monday, December 30, 2013

Project Overload - First Up... Mud Room Closet Makeover

I am finding myself completely overwhelmed with the amount of projects that are floating around my head. The clutter, both in my brain and in my house, is driving me crazy (as I already mentioned in my last post). At the same time, I have three kids, and the Hubs and I both work full time, and it's ski season, so the time we have to complete the projects is minimal, at best.

I realize that I need to slow it down and accept that it won't happen all at once. So, I made a list (actually, I referred to my dream big list) then picked one project to tackle.

My first project is turning the back hall closet into more of a mud room area. First, I looked for some inspiration (gotta love Pinterest!). And found all of these. Then I sat down with the Hubs to chat about what is the most annoying parts of that area of the house (the clutter) and what we could do to fix it (more storage). Then I whipped up some plans that I thought would accommodate all of our needs. Here are the first draft of my closet plans:

And here is the craziness that was my mud room closet and the teeny tiny hall in front of it.

(Not sure why I have the sunscreen out in the middle of the winter.)

Then I created my "to do" list (which  I am sure will change as I go).

To Do:
1. Create bench
2. Create shelves for storage
3. Get baskets and bins to hang on side wall and to put on shelves
4. Get hooks for back wall and side wall for backpacks, jackets, and hats.
5. Figure out a fun color for the wall of finish (wallpaper? decals? wood planking?)
6. Install everything
7. Make cushion for bench
8. Decorate the wall across from the closet with mirror or chalkboard/photos/hooks

Looks like the bench is first. Be prepared, this one is going to take a few weeks day, and therefore a few posts. You know, because I decided not to rush things.

Oh, and remember those plans at the beginning of the post? Well, guess what? I have already doubted myself and my abilities and revised the plans...maybe more than once. So instead of going totally rogue, I decided to trust someone with much more experience than me. Ana White. I am obsessed with her site and the possibility of it all. Until this weekend I have simply perused her plans and dreamed.

This weekend I looked my fear of failure, and power tools, in the face and decided that her Simple Outdoor Bench would fit in my closet perfectly. Plus, it says it is simple right there in the title.

So I used her list and sent the Hubs to the Depot for the materials and a few other things. He spent less than $50 on the materials including things like screws, which we had none of. He also grabbed a few tools that we needed since I am a beginner at this. I did not even have a square. I admit it fully, and am now the proud owner of a shiny new one.

Before cutting anything, I measured all of the boards at least three times before, and after, each cut. I was very afraid to mess something up. I checked and double check the cut list because I tend to mix up numbers, especially when I am rushing. I took lots of deep breaths, made sure I was safe with the miter saw and that my fingers were no where near the danger zone, and made ALL the cuts by myself! Yes, I am proud. Jumping up and down, I rocked it, proud. Is that a little sad? Want proof?

Then I enlisted the Hubs and the oldest son to help me prime and sand boards. Lots of boards.

And this is where I am taking a break for today. It really hasn't been too bad yet. Maybe a few hours total. Did anyone else tackle a building project for the first time this weekend? More tomorrow. Thanks for your patience on this one! 

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