Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Dream Big List

I have started what my husband calls my "Dream Big List - home edition." Our brand new house has a five page list of "projects" and general upgrades that we were stupid enough to think would happen soon after we moved in. I am no longer that naive and realize that if I don't make a list of everything I want to do with the house, I may never get what I want. As it is, I don't see most of this happening for years, maybe even decades; especially since I keep adding to it. But, hey, dream big or go home, right? Or maybe it should be, "Dream big or move."

Anyways, here is what I've got so far - Subject to additions, subtractions, and other revisions.

First Floor
* Replace cabinet over stove with hood
*Add tile back splash
* move microwave into cabinet in island
* add wine fridge
* move cabinets and add open shelving around sink

Dining Area
* add built-in seating
* move light/new light
* upgrade chairs and possibly table

Living Room
*add built-ins around fireplace
* add cabinet over fireplace to hide TV and mount TV onto the wall
* create an accent wall with ship lap
* new living room furniture
* paint door

Mud Room Area
* change closet to built-in bench, cubby to help with organization
* add shelving with doors to extra area over closets
* install sliding barn door 

* crown molding

* add board and batten to staircase and landing
* create photo collage in staircase

Second Floor
* Find console table
* add board and batten (?)
* add crown molding
* replace baby gate at top of stairs

Master Bedroom
* Make/Find headboard
* Add built-in cabinets around windows and possibly window seat
* Replace carpet with hardwood
* Crown molding (?)
* Fix entry to crawl space so that it can be used as storage
* Add organization to closet

Master Bathroom
* Replace tub surround with tile
* Add hooks for towels
* Personalize
* Add tile around sink area

Yellow Bedroom
*crown molding
* closet organization 

Blue Bedroom
*crown molding
* closet organization 

* decorate for Rylan
*crown molding

Boys' Bathroom
* Add hooks for towels
* Personalize

* Finish Basement
        - Organize work room
        - storage for all of our crap cherished heirlooms
        - add guest bedroom
        - possible half bath under stairs
        - playroom/ family room

* Paint walls
* Organize
* Add locker/cubby organizer by door

Front Yard
*Front patio 
*Tree/Large shrub for privacy from driveway across the street
* Landscaping at front of house
* Window boxes
* Stain front porch
* Paint ceiling
* Paint stair treads
* Put up house numbers
* Paint door trim
* Add to supports (brick? beef up?)

* Add privacy trees (partially complete)
* Add shed
* Fireplace
* Patio/deck
* Build bridge to paths into woods
* Landscaping

Long-term (i.e. Big, Big, Big, dreams)
* Addition off of dining area to be office/playroom
          - create patio off of new addition
          - add built in grill attached to propane
          - add pergola
* Rework 2nd floor hallway to create access to a finished third floor to add two rooms and possibly 1/2 bath

So, that is it. From time to time I may go back to edit, add to, delete this list as my dreams change. I may even post about inspirations for some of the items on this list. If you can't wait for that, check out my Pinterest board, "For Home" most of my inspiration ends up in there!

Just looking at this list makes me feel completely overwhelmed... wouldn't it be nice to be rich and just be able to do it all at once? There I go dreaming again!

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