Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve 4 Simple Goals Take Two

So last year, on this date, I wrote this post with four goals for the new year. At the time I didn't even know that I was pregnant. I found out on January 1st. By making his presence known, Rylan, immediately set 2013 off on the right foot and made accomplishing my positivity goal a little easier (after the first trimester, of course... I have learned to be wary during that time.). I don't expect any exciting, over the moon news to happen at the beginning of 2014, but I do have some hopes for smaller changes that will move my family and I in a positive direction.

So, this year my 4 Simple Goals will remain the same. For the most part, they are not necessarily goals that you can say, "There! Finished that one!" And I kind of like that about them. In case you don't feel like reading last year's post, here is a quick recap:

1. Disconnect - More family time when kids are up, less email and Facebook stalking.
I definitely improved in this area as far as staying off the computer between when I got home from work and the boys went to bed. Being home for maternity leave in the fall made it easier. Still, there could be more improvement in this area. The Hubs and I still spend many a night side by side on the couch working on our laptops.

2. Do more projects.
Based on my Dream Big list I have lots of opportunities for this. I am just going to keep plugging away. Although, if I could figure out a way to work from home, it would be a whole lot easier! Maternity leave spoiled me by showing me what was possible.
Some of the projects that we completed this year include, installing the front patio, planting trees, painting the door, starting a garden and compost bin, and, of course, the Christmas project extravaganza (personalized bowl and mugs, magnet board, calendar, joy letters). And, although I didn't mean this type of project when I made these goals, trying to keep writing on this blog has been a project in itself. Although not many people actually read this, it does feel good to write again. And it motivates me to get projects done because I need something to blog about. 

3. Be Positive/Find Joy
This is probably my weakest area on the list. But I have found some new inspiration in one of the parents of a former student. She brings joy and happiness to those around her on a regular basis. For example, today she started a pay it forward chain at her local Starbucks just to practice kindness on the last day of the year. Maybe the key here is not just to have a positive outlook on life, but to also create joy in others. 

4. Live Healthily
This one is always on the list. I feel good about what I accomplished this year, including running until I was a little over 5 months pregnant, continuing exercising (4 miles a day with two boys in tow) while pregnant, and starting running again after recovering from labor and delivery. The eating side is still a little shaky ( what can I say, I am addicted to sugar) but I am trying and will continue to do so. Maybe I will even sign up for more races this year. 

2013 has been a pretty great year! Hopefully 2014 will be another good one. I have a feeling it will be full of changes that I will have to learn to accept with an open heart and embrace fully. A little more sleep would be nice as well. ;)

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope 2014 brings you health, happiness and fun! Let's make it a great one!!

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