Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Finishing Up the No Sew Bean Bag Project

So, way, way, way back in October I shared a no sew bean bag project here. Well, I was always planning on getting this gift into a more "finished" state before wrapping it for my 2 1/2 year old (not that he will really care. 

So, I got out all the supplies again and started by writing the color words on each of the bean bags with a black Sharpie. I tried to print the words as neatly as possible so that he could easily read and identify the letters. No fancy script for this project...

I then pulled out the rest of the blue material, folded it in half so the inside pattern was on the outside, and placed the hem tape inside the two pieces of fabric as close to the unfinished edge as possible. I left about four inches by the opening without tape.

I ironed the edges, then folded over the fabric around the opening. Again, I placed hem tape as close to the edge of the unfinished ends as possible and checked to make sure I had created a pocket.

After ironing, I used my Sharpie to make sure the opening was still there around the top of the fabric.

Then I used a paper clip (I couldn't find a safety pin. Those usually work better) to help me a piece if ribbon through the pocket.

When I was done, this is what it looked like.

I flipped the bag right side out...

Wrote Max's name on one side because he likes to have his name on things...

Then put the bean bags inside the bag, tied it up, and labeled the other side so that my dear son wouldn't forget what was inside. 

One project done! It only took one and a half months. Is your project timeline as pathetic as mine? What are you creating? Any no sew projects

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