Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Grandma Wins the Best Gift (so far) Award: Peanuts Club House

Have you seen these?

Grandma showed up apologizing profusely for this gift. I have to admit, I considered getting it for the boys myself because they LOVE forts. But, the size of it made me decide against it. 

Now that it is set up in my living room, it is huge, but the boys are loving it. And, the best part (are you listening Moms?) they have been coloring it for - no joke - four hours. They keep going back to it! Keep in mind, if I give them normal coloring pages, or paper, they last maybe ten minutes... If I am lucky. 

This house is made out of cardboard, so it is recyclable ( for when I have had enough and want to get it out of my living room) and, according to Grandma relatively inexpensive. As an alternative, I suppose if you have old cardboard boxes in your basement you could let the kids create their own cardboard buildings and cities for free! 

Anyway, if you are looking for a snow day activity that will keep everyone engaged for a significant amount of time, I highly recommend these houses!

Update: The boys have now dragged blankets and pillows into the house and are playing quietly. The Hubs and I have even had a chance to have an actual conversation without one interruption! It's almost like we have an extra room in the first floor. Thank you, Grandma!!

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