Monday, December 23, 2013

Advent adventures: Go to a Parade

The Sparkle Parade is one of our family traditions. Every December, no matter what the weather, we trudge to Main Street to watch a (thankfully) short and sweet parade full of twinkle lights.

The school's band wear antlers with sleigh bells, lighted hats and bracelets and march down the street playing festive holiday tunes. They are followed by boy scouts with candy canes and more lights.
The local unicycling group (yes we have one and they are pretty darn good) made up of elementary and middle school students light up their wheels and don Santa hats as they make their way down the street stopping every hundred feet or so to "perform."

There is a glowing Mickey Mouse and Pooh Bear too. The local McDonald's employees dress up as french fries. And, other local groups set up bands in beds of pick ups or

The boys' eyes glow when they see the lit up bulldozers, fire truck, giant LL Bean boot, and, last but not least, Santa traveling aboard a fishing boat. The smiles on the kids' faces make the cold and dark worth it every year. We have been there in snow, sleet, rain, warm(ish) temperatures, and freezing cold. It doesn't matter because it is a fun and festive parade that warms my heart.

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