Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Quick and Easy "Joy" Decoration

Here is my quick and easy home decor for the holidays. Seriously quick (less than 15 minutes) and seriously easy ( if I can do it anyone can).

The supplies:

Yes, the glass of wine is imperative when I am trying to throw something together at 10:00 at night...

If you notice, the glass balls I bought have different finishes. The matte balls were the easiest to work with. They clung to the glue much better. I would also recommend using the stronger hold glue sticks ( I used the lightest hold and I really had to slather it on).

I laid out the balls to form the letters making sure the hooks for the string were in the back except for the top, which I turned up so I could add ribbon to hang the letters. Then I just applied the glue where the balls met. 

When it was dry, I strung the ribbon through the loops at the top of the balls and hung them up. Make sure to string them through more than one bulb to help distribute the weight.

Easy peasy!