Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pinterest Fails: Pumpkin Edition

I LOVE pumpkin! It may be because it is such a seasonal thing and I only get it for a few months a year. Maybe if it was so available year-round I would get sick of it. (No, not maybe. Definitely) As it is I stock pile pumpkin spice coffee from Dunkin Donuts and pin every pumpkin recipe I can find on Pinterest. I have jars and jars of pumpkin puree stacked in my pantry. It takes more willpower than I have to avoid the pumpkin bandwagon

So today I am going to share some pumpkin fails from Pinterest. In school we celebrate the failures because it means that the kids are at least trying something, making an attempt, taking a risk. We tell them that some of the best things come from failures. They can be blessings in disguise and they often teach us valuable lessons. These Pinterest fails simultaneously remind me that I am not as good as many other people at many things (like crafts, and DIY, and cooking, and party planning, etc.) and that just because you see it in Pinterest doesn't mean it is necessarily true or will work as depicted. (Has anyone tried the cookies on the upside muffin tin? What a mess!) They also remind me that it is okay to fail because at least I tried. I know, it sounds silly when talking about pumpkin recipes but, I could have found my all time favorite pumpkin yumminess by trying these.

The first fail was pumpkin frozen yogurt. I pinned this:

which brought me to this recipe. 

I mean not only is it labeled one of the BEST recipes, it is also only four ingredients. How could I go wrong? I followed the recipe exactly. The frozen yogurt looked pretty...

... and tasted bad enough that neither of my kids nor the hubs would eat it. Even with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. FAIL! (How could I fail this? I am pathetic!)

The second was this recipe for pumpkin chai latte. When this one failed, I actually tried to tweak it, and tweak it, and tweak it to make it work because I thought that I must have done something wrong (See? I am practicing persistence!). I mean, the recipe looks SO yummy - and EASY. How could I screw it up?  But, ultimately, I did. (Not really surprised) It either barely tasted like pumpkin, or was way too strong depending on which way I tried to tweak it. So sad!

So there you have it. Two pumpkin fails via Pinterest. I know I have mentioned before how bad I am at cooking. But I have also made some yummy pumpkin recipes this fall that I have managed to get right. Does that make me a partial failure overall in the "use of pumpkin while cooking" category? Does anyone have any other recipes I should try and, hopefully, not mess up? Is anyone else making glorious failures that we should be celebrating?

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