Monday, November 4, 2013

Running After Baby - Week 2

I am going to call this week, "Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back." Sounds fun, huh?
Footsteps 1
Colin Brough
I followed my own advice, which I don't always do, and listened to my body. I took a few extra days off to make sure that my body was up to a run nice slow jog.

Day one this week was horrible. It felt like I hadn't run AT ALL the week before. I was basically starting from square one. Truthfully, I walked most of my "run." Although I was pretty discouraged, and really wanted to run the next day to make up for the non-run the day before, I forced myself to take my day off and waited until the next day.

Thankfully, the second day was MUCH better. I felt like I had more energy and I ran the entire 2.25 mile route. I also noticed that my "running form" seemed to be coming back, i.e. I no longer felt like Quasimodo running down the street. It was still a VERY slow run, but at least I did it. It also helped that the baby was screaming a little upset most of the way, so I was motivated to keep running so that I would get home sooner.

On day three I found myself back in the Land of Discouragement. Not only did I not feel like running AT ALL, I completely caved to these feelings. Usually I don't want to run, but I make myself go for five minutes or so and then figure that I might as well finish. Today, I ran for five minutes, found myself about halfway up a long steepish hill, and decided that it was enough for the day. So I turned around and walked home.  GRRR.

Remember when I said that running makes me a happier mom and wife back here? Well, let's just say I haven't been that fun to be around the last few days. During my walk home I reflected on the week and what my next steps should be. How will I get to the point where running is part of my routine again and not just something that I am forcing myself to do? Here are four new pieces of advice that I am giving myself.

1. Moving a little everyday is important. You don't have to run everyday (in fact, you shouldn't) but on the days you don't run a walk, bike ride, or some other form of excercise will help you stay in your routine and make you nicer to be around.
2. An off day is okay. Don't beat yourself up about it. Try, try again! (see #3)
3. However, too many off days in a row won't equal enough training to get yourself to your running goal, and you may be letting too many excuses get in the way of your goal. If you notice a pattern of lots of "giving up" days you may have to push yourself a little more. 
4. Sometimes a screaming baby should be seen not as something to get stressed about, but as a source of motivation to keep running. :)

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