Thursday, November 14, 2013

An Easy Wedding Gift

My sister was married this summer. In the craziness of leaving the boys for a week, flying across the country, wedding preparations, and family obligations it somehow slipped my mind to get her a gift. (I know, I suck) Luckily Christmas is right around the corner and I have a great customized gift in the works for her...more on that later.

In the meantime I did put together just a little something to help her and her new hubby remember their big day. During the wedding weekend I was like that spiky haired kid stealing the gum ball machine in "Can't Hardly Wait." I pocketed everything that I thought might bring back great memories from the weekend; Coasters at the bars we visited (it was easier for me to remember to do this since I was 7 months pregnant and the only one not over-indulging on any given night.), flyers and brochures from places we visited, flowers from the wedding, fabric triangles that I pulled off of the banners that they strung around the restaurant where they had their reception, giant pine cones from the location of the wedding itself, well, you get the idea.

When I got home, I arranged all of the goods as best as I could and displayed them in a shadow box. Many of the things I grabbed did not make it into the display because there was not enough room and it was already starting to look cluttered. It was quick, but meaningful. I hope that they like it. I did something similar with my own wedding and have it hanging in my bedroom.

The banners and hearts were added digitally by me to protect people's privacy.

So easy, and pretty! 

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