Monday, November 18, 2013

Running after Baby - Week 4: Complications

Today we are going to talk about that big C word. Complications. Everyone has different complications in their lives. This week a few extra complications made me feel like a failure.

When you have a baby you are suddenly faced with even more things requiring your time than before which complicates your ability to get a run in. You are faced with the struggle to get your body back in shape after growing a baby, and to keep pushing yourself even though you may not really want to. You also have to work around the baby's schedule and daily attitude. This one gets more and more difficult as the baby gets older.

This week I had an extra complication when it came to finding time to run - my two year old. Daycare was on vacation, which meant that I had to figure out how to go running with my two year old and my nine week old without owning a double stroller. My husband leaves in the morning before it gets light and comes home in the dark so leaving the kids with him while I went out on a quick run wasn't going to happen. We do not have a gym membership or, as I said, a double running stroller. Look at all those complications!

On Monday I actually had all three boys with me because of Veteran's day so I tried to recreate the walks that we used to take while I was pregnant. The 6 year old rode his bike, the two year old "rode" his bike while I pushed him with one hand, and I pushed the baby in the stroller with the other. Oh, and I also had the dog's leash on my wrist because I can't bear to crush her excitement about going on a walk. I am sure that you are not surprised to hear that this little set up did not work. We made it exactly two houses away where my neighbor saw us, took pity on me, and got her kids dressed to join us on the walk. With her pushing the two year old on his bike I actually got my walk in. (Can I just say that I love my neighbors!)

On Wednesday I decided to make the trek to my mother's house. She has a treadmill. So, after bundling up the kids, driving 20 minutes, and listening to the baby scream for 3/4 of the time I was running, I got a run in. At one point the two year old was banging a plunger on the t.v., but I got my run in. (Winning!)

The rest of the week was a blur with doctor's appointments and repair men so I did nothing as far as running went. Thankfully the Hubs is really good about letting me run on the weekends - He agrees that it makes me a nicer person to be around - so I was able to run then too.

The good news is that I was able to run over three miles without stopping on each of my runs this week. No, it was not easy, but I did it! I definitely feel good about the fact that I was able to find some solutions to my complications (although they were not ideal) and get some running in, no matter how little.

I guess the thing about complications is that are just complications. They are not an end. They do not make whatever you want to accomplish impossible, they just make it more difficult. Although I was not able to get as much running as I would like in, I did get some in, which in the end is better than nothing. I know that there will be difficult, more complicated weeks from time to time. The key is to figure out what you can make work, and then make the effort to get out there when you have the chance. And, of course, "just keep running." (Thanks, again, Dory!)

Miles run this week:6.7
Days run: 2
Days walk: 2

Goals for next week:
Continue running for at least thirty minutes a day and see how far I get.
Run more than two days

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