Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Easy Prettified Wooden Letters

Yes, I know that "prettified" is not a word, but I was looking for an adjective that was somewhat interesting and all that I could think of was prettified, so I went with it. Now, let's move on...

One of the items on my Dream Big list is to personalize Rylan's nursery. It was Max's room first, and we have been handing down bedding, furniture, and decorations through all the babies.

While I was pregnant I looked all over for inspiration on how to decorate the nursery for baby #3. I saw a TON of names on walls. Now, this isn't a new trend. In fact, it is possible that it is on its way out, but it is something that I have liked, but never done. So I decided that one element of the nrsery had to be these letters. Now, they aren't really that expensive, but I didn't really have the budget to spend $40 plus on this one piece of decoration (three kids, remember?). So, I bought these white wooden letters at JoAnn Fabrics. They were very cheap inexpensive.

I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do to decorate them, so I bought a few things in the colors that I was thinking would work, and hoped that inspiration would strike when I got home. One thing you need to know about me is that I am all about instant gratification. The more steps and time that it takes for me to finish a project, the more likely that it will turn out badly because I rush at the end.
So, I was looking for something quick and easy in hopes that I wouldn't ruin these simple lovely letters.

Once I laid everything out I decided that I really didn't feel like painting and waiting for the paint to dry (I know, I am pathetic), so I now have some lovely craft paints for my next project. I also knew that if I didn't get this project done NOW, I probably wouldn't be motivated again for the next few months, if ever.

My eyes drifted to the Washi tape. I have seen so many posts about how wonderful the tape is, and seen so many lovely projects, that I was having trouble believing the hype. But, I had picked up some rolls of tape from Target just to play around with it. It is pretty and I figured that if worst came to worst I would have some beautifully wrapped gifts.

This was my favorite of the ones that Target had in stock. Their supply was pretty low even though I had seen tons of choices just weeks earlier. Apparently lots of people have jumped on the Washi train.

I really like the pattern on it. It is subtle, but I thought it would pop nicely against the white. So, I decided to try it out. Here is what I came up with.

I know the lines aren't straight, but I already told you, a perfectionist I am not. I suppose I could have used a straight edge to mark my lines. I could have also cut the tape with an Exacto knife to get around the curves more cleanly and make perfect edges, but instead I ripped the tape. (Yup, that's how I roll.)

I tried to keep in mind that the letters would be up on the wall, so I paid attention to the edges and underneaths since it is a pretty good chance that they will be seen. The back of the letters are not as pretty, but who cares? No one will see them anyway.

Initially I thought that I would do each letter with a different tape, or combination of tapes. However, I tend to be one of those people who overdoes things. So I restrained myself and stuck with this one roll of tape. I did allow myself to vary the stripes just because I didn't want it to be too boring, and I knew that they would never come out matching.

Here is what I had when I was done.
I really think Rylan likes them, don't you? I don't have a finished in the room picture because this is the first thing that I have done for his room, but it is a start, right? I promise to post one when I get there.

This was even easier than I could have imagined. I am completely obsessed with this tape now. And, I have three and a half rolls of it left! What should I tape next?

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