Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Easy caramel Popcorn

Okay guys, here is an easy fall snack that feels like a special treat.

You will need:
Microwave popcorn
Werther's baking caramels
Wax paper

Step 1: pop a bag of microwave popcorn
Step 2: lay the popcorn in a single layer on a sheet of wax paper
Step 3: microwave the Werther's with a little bit of milk for two minutes or so. Stir the caramel every thirty to forty-five seconds
Step 4: drizzle the melted caramel over the popcorn
Step 5: eat the delicious fall snack

This treat is best eaten right away because of the caramel that is used. It is the yummy kind that stays gooey.

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