Wednesday, October 16, 2013

For Lunch Today: Easy Autumn Salad

I am obsessed with this salad for a few reasons.
1. I can make it while holding the baby.
2. It has goat cheese in it, which is something I don't eat while I am pregnant and missed terribly. (Although you could use cheddar cheese, which would make it more fall-ish)
3. The addition oft he nuts, seeds, and dried fruit from the trail mix makes me feel like it is one of those fancy salads that you get at restaurants.

Here's what you need:
Goat cheese
Archer Farms Sunny Cranberry Trail Mix, from Target

Kraft Creamy Balsamic Anything Dressing

Baby spinach
Baby carrots
Grape tomatoes

You can really use any veggies that you want. I just use the ones that are easy to grab a handful of and throw into the salad. The only one that doesn't come in convenient grab and go form is the cucumbers, but I usually peel and cut up a cucumber or two every few weeks for my son's lunches, so I can just grab a handful of those too.

If you wanted to beef it up a little and make it a dinner, add some sliced chicken. On the days when I am really hungry I may add a handful of Wheat Thins to the side.

It is a yummy and simple salad that I have been eating almost every day for the last two weeks.

P.S. Sorry for the terrible pictures. I am working on it...

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