Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yup, it's another chalkboard post (and a new addiction methinks)

My second "project" for Christmas was this giant chalkboard. It was super simple to put together. I used a board that I had stashed in my basement. I then used magnetic primer to prime the board. Helpful hint: shake the crap out of the can of magnetic primer. If you don't all the parts of the paint that makes it magnetic settles at the bottom of the can (in one ginormous clump) so that you are basically priming with black paint. Because I didn't shake/stir the paint enough, I ended up having to do five coats of magnetic paint instead of the three that the can recommended.

Once you are done priming, paint on a coat (we did two just to be safe) of chalkboard paint and, voila, you are done. SO easy! The boys love that the chalkboard is taller than them and believe me we have quite the piece of art created all ready.

The best part, I have more than three fourths of the can of chalkboard paint left and tons of ideas of places/things that need to become chalkboards.

Happy painting!
:) A

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