Sunday, December 30, 2012

Up to our ears in... Ham

A day or two before Christmas, my husband came home with a ham that was easily the same size as my 18 month old. (No, not really.) After hours in the oven we enjoyed a traditional ham dinner. Yum!

We quickly realized that one dinner was not going to take care of the plethora of ham. (We had five gallon size bags and one jumbo Tupperware container left.) Since then we have had frittata with ham, ham and cheese sandwiches, a ham and cheese appetizer platter, ham panini, ham hash, and ham and egg scramble. Yes, I am completely sick of ham!

Tonight, I made ham and cheese soup from Taste of Home. I have to say that it was delicious and one of my favorite ham leftover recipes so far. Here is the recipe if you want to try it. The entire family cleaned their plate.

Sadly, after making the soup, I realized that we still have three gallon size bags of ham left. Ugh! I am so SICK of ham. Which is kind of sad because I usually love it. If anyone out there has any recommendations of ways to use up the ham, please let me know! I hate to throw it away but I am running out of ideas.

Happy Hamming
(I don't know, I may be delirious from all the ham)

:) A

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