Monday, December 31, 2012

4 Simple Goals ... from A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess has challenged its readers to set four simple goals . Their challenge started at the beginning of the fall season, but better late than never right? In their post they emphasize that the goals be positive and action oriented, i.e. not all about the End result. Although I am not much of a resolution person ( why throw all your chips down on one day?) I am a goal-setter. So, without further ado, my four simple goals.

1. Disconnect. I am completely guilty of spending WAY too much time plugged in. When I get home from work I I often check my email within five minutes of walking through the door. I then check it at least three times an hour until the boys go to bed (addicted much?). Then, after the boys' bedtime my husband and I sit side by side in the couch on our laptops for at least two hours a night (usually more). I know, it's sad. I know it is not possible to completely disconnect, but I want to hold those hours when the boys are up as special time or them. I also would like at least an hour at night for hubby time (Get your minds out of the gutter!) where we are actually talking instead of synchro surfing.

2. Do more projects! they make me happy and I think that I really like creating something concrete. It took the creation of the train and Lego table and giant chalkboard for the boys for Christmas that made me come to this realization. I was simply happy to have a project (not work related) to work on. I don't think that they necessarily have to be big projects, just something for me to be creative with.

3. Be positive/find joy in everyday things. I have been working on this one for a while. No one who knows me would call me an optimist. But I am really, really, trying to get better. So, this goal will be to find one positive thing each day to appreciate and be happy about.

4. Live healthily. I have recently begun running again. At the same time, my healthy eating has completely fallen off the radar. What I need is some balance. Find quick, easy ways to eat healthy and chisel out some me time for exercise.

Looking at this list I am a little saddened by the fact that my goals are 100% unoriginal (yes, there is that positivity for you) but at the same time they are goals that I think will help me, and my family, embrace happiness!

So, there you go. I will keep you updated as the year goes on.
:) A

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