Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My "unword" for 2014

Your "unword" is a word that describes what you want to avoid being this year, something that you have fallen into a bad habit of becoming that you would like to erase, undo, rewind. I was introduced to this idea on The Nester's blog. She did a MUCH better job of explaining the UNword in her post than I did here. So check it out if you haven't!

My "unword" for this year is...

I am one of those people that "fight the frazzle" until I just can't take it anymore. And then I just can't take it anymore. I will use self-talk, make lists, breath deeply, do whatever it takes to keep moving through my day and all of the "things" that make up my life. As more and more gets piled on my shoulders, I tend to lose perspective and start assigning all my "to do's" equal priority when that isn't the case. I have a classic case of "can't see the forest through the trees-itis" when I get frazzled. Everything falls apart quickly, I start yelling - at EVERYONE - it isn't pretty.

So, my goal this year is to keep myself on the safe side of frazzled; namely unfrazzled. Keep my head in a calm place and realize that it is okay to let some things go. Keeping my priorities prioritized (family first!) is incredibly important. Sometimes, in the race for perfection, I hit overload and frazzle out (Scary witch hair and all.) and become a less effective parent, wife, teacher. It has to stop!

I know it will be a constant battle as "things" try to get their claws into my time and sanity, but I will work hard at it every day and hopefully stay calm no matter what extra responsibilities get heaped on my shoulders. At least I will try.

P.S. Sorry for my lack of pretty picture on this post. I am too frazzled to get one together for you, so I decided to let it go. Here's to staying unfrazzled!

What's your unword?

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  1. Here's to being unfrazzled! My word is Unstuck, and being frazzled is a part of being stuck as well. Looking forward to our progress this coming year!