Friday, March 14, 2014

Crazy Making

Why is it that we make ourselves crazy? We have beautiful, full lives. We have family, responsibilities, bills, headaches, jobs, laughter, love, and moments that come out of nowhere and shock us. And yet, we are always trying for perfection. When will we realize that what we have in this moment, right now, is perfection?

Recently, in an attempt to find more time for my family, I agreed to take on one more thing that would "solve all my problems." If I am trying to get more time for my family, why would I agree to doing something that took time away from my family? It makes absolutely NO sense. And yet, here I am stuck in the middle of it.

Every time I think of staying in to "see if it will work," I know in the pit of my stomach that it is the wrong thing to do. That I will not end up with boatloads of money, in fact it is much more likely that I will end up losing money. But then, every time I think of getting out, my stomach (again) goes crazy. I don't know if it is because I am afraid of being seen as a failure or because I may possibly make the wrong decision and lose out on "making it big."

And this brings me back to, why do we make ourselves crazy?

I know this whole post is a little cryptic, but I am kind of in the middle of it right now. Either way,  once I get myself out of the crazy cycle, I am going to have a great new experience to blog about. So, for now, please stick with me. I promise to get back to my "happy place" and share soon!

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