Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Run Down

We were finally, FINALLY able to get some outside exploring done at home this weekend! The polar vortex decided to take a break and the entire family ventured out on BOTH days. It was amazing!!

Day One: Winslow Park

Winslow Park is a town owned park on Casco bay. During the summer it is packed with people camping on the sunny shores of the bay, but in the winter it is quiet. They have a great playground, a small beach area, nice trails where dogs can run free during the winter months... it is a great place to hang out.

Ben's favorite part is the giant pirate ship. There is also a traditional playground and swings.

We spent an hour or two just getting some energy out. I imagine this would be a pretty spectacular place to hang out in during the summer months as well. As locals, we are a little bit spoiled by the lack of people in the winter, so haven't actually ventured there during the busy season.

Day Two: Our little corner of the the woods

On the second day we all strapped on our snowshoes (minus the baby) and ventured into our woods for a little snowshoeing. We have some need little trails and old logging roads out in our woods, once we trek through the uncleared sections on our land.

While we ventured the Hubs and I came up with some big plans for cleaning up some of the dead underbrush and creating a few trails so that the kids can link to the other trails a little easier. We even have a few ideas for a tree house nestled out a little ways in the woods.

Ben is really enjoying snowshoeing these days, and Max got his first pair this Christmas, so I am looking forward to more treks out into the wilderness.

So, that is a quick run down of our outside adventures this weekend. Were you able to get outside this weekend. I have to say, it was so nice to be able to get outside without nine layers of clothing and kids screaming because they are freezing! Has anyone else noticed the lighter afternoons? Spring is coming!

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