Sunday, November 18, 2012

Home from the Ground Up!

My husband and I recently built a house. At the time, we had NO idea what we were getting ourselves into. All we knew was that our house had sold unexpectedly and we could NOT find a new house to buy. As soon as we were under contract we started desperately searching. Alas, there was nothing... ABSOLUTELY nothing. As our closing date neared we bit the bullet and decided to move in with my (extremely generous and loving) parents to buy ourselves more time.

Boy, do I have some stories and advice to share from those days, but those are for another day...

After two months of searching, we decided to build. We found a builder that we LOVED and a location that met all most of our requirements for our new home. It is my hope to share all of the details of this adventure with you and, hopefully, give some ideas, advice, thoughts about building your own home and what to do after it is built. Believe me, there is a TON of work to do after the house is "finished" to get it to "home" status. I should know, we ours is still a work in progress.

Along the way there may also be some DIY, recipe, decorating, life, and other family type things because I can't stick to one topic at a time and life is kind of all over the place like that. Enjoy!

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